Simple Letter Stencil

Free print-at-home stencil — make any letter or number with 4 shapes you cut out

Print Your Stencil and Make Signs

Simple Letter Stencil helps you make signs at home. It’s a stencil you print and cut out yourself. The PDF includes guides.

  1. Download the free PDF
  2. Plan your sign with the planning guide
  3. Print the desired size stencil
  4. Cut out the 4 shapes
  5. Draw a grid with a pencil
  6. Create your sign using the stencil
Download the PDF

Free to Download & Print

For best results print the stencil on cardstock. If you only have paper follow the suggestions below.


6 Type Sizes to Choose From

Determine the best type size by using the planning guide. Letter sizes range from 3" to 8" tall.


Only 4 Shapes to Cut Out

After you’ve figured out the best size to use for your sign — print that page. There are only 4 shapes to cut out for each size.

open for business sign
the quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog sign

The Pages of Simple Letter Stencil

Letter and Number Making Guide

The Letter and Number Making Guide

This guide shows how to construct each letter and number using the 4 stencil shapes. Each shape has a name and is labeled appropriately on the guide.

There are special guide triangles for making the letter S, the number 2, and the question mark. Those guide triangles help you get the angle of the stencil just right when they are aligned to the grid corners as shown.

The letters and numbers are all the same width (monospaced) which helps make planning easier. They are aligned in a grid with equal spacing between characters.

Poster Board Planning Guide

Poster Board Planning Guide

The poster board planning guide shows the exact measured layout possible for posters that are 28" × 22". The six different layouts each correspond to the size letter used. Use this guide to figure out which size will work best for your sign before you print and cut out that size.

Simple Letter Stencil size 6

Simple Letter Stencil — Size 6

Simple Letter Stencil comes in six sizes (size 6 shown here). Each size has only 4 stencil shapes to cut out. Each shape has a name: tall, mid, short, and curve. These names are referenced on the Letter and Number Making Guide.

Letter Spacing Ruler

Each stencil size has it’s own ruler for creating the letter grid. The Letter Spacing Ruler is found on the left side of the stencil. It includes the width of the letter, the width of the space, and centered guide. The centered guide is used to align the center stem of a few characters: I, T, Y, 1.

Download the PDF

Improving the Strength of a Paper Stencil

If you have heavy paper or cardstock print your stencil on that. If you only have normal weight paper follow one of these tips to strengthen your stencil.

Transfer Your Stencil Onto Boxboard

You might have boxboard at home: a cereal box, a cracker box, or empty box of soda. You can tape your paper stencil to the boxboard and cut right through both. Then remove the paper and label your shapes on the boxboard.

Strengthen Your Stencil With Clear Tape

Cover each of the shapes with clear tape before you cut them out. Be sure to place the tape on the paper so that the cut lines are right in the middle of the tape. Then cut out your shapes.

How to Make a Sign Without a Stencil

If you want to make a sign without using this stencil follow the tips below.

Tips for Making a Better Sign:

  • Focus on a concise and direct message. Write it out first. Think about how to shorten your message while retaining its purpose.
  • Plan your sign before you begin drawing or painting it. Write it out on a small piece of paper to make sure it will fit properly.
  • Before painting or using markers draw your letters with pencil on your sign. If you make a mistake it will be easier to fix before you make it permanent.
  • Create bold or thick letters. Thin letters will be hard to read from a distance especially if the sun is shining on your sign.
  • Use high-contrast colors. Yellow on white is not high contrast enough.
  • Take a little time to plan and you can be proud of your new sign!