Simple Letter Stencil

Free print-at-home stencil for making signs from 4 shapes you cut out.


I created this project to help people make better signs. The stencil has only 4 shapes to cut out. Those shapes are used to make each letter and number.


This entire project was designed by me: the PDF, website, and video. The biggest challenge was designing the 4 shapes to be used in the stencil.


The landing page is coded by hand with no frameworks used.

CSS VW Buses

Responsive VW bus art created using HTML and CSS only.


I made this pen for fun — to explore the newer features of CSS. It quickly gained attention getting over 20k views. It’s also been forked over 130 times.

Featured By


I designed these buses based on a late ’70s VW bus ad. All the color combinations were available as new buses except for the last one.


The buses are responsive. All sizes and positions are set in em. Size of each bus is scalable by setting font-size using vw.

Brainless Tales

Artist, web designer, and builder of this popular daily web comic.


Brainless Tales was my personal comic I created and published daily for 9 years. All the design and coding was done by me.


All 3,289 comics were drawn with pen on paper, scanned, and edited in Photoshop.

Web Design

I designed the site to match the esthetic of the comic.


All the front end was hand coded — most recently to be responsive and HiDPI.


The site does not use a CMS. The database was set up, and the PHP was hand coded for the job of managing the comics.